Let Northwest Stone Imports, LLC supply you with what you need for your next project. We are a company that started out doing vanity, kitchen countertops, shower surrounds, faucets and sinks and have expanded over the years. We can now supply a variety of items such as ceramic tile, glass shower doors, wood vanity bases, casegoods, seating and etc. Not only do we have great pricing but outstanding quality products as well.    ​

About Jim Grant

Jim Grant has been traveling to China for over seventeen years searching out the best factories to source his material from. Through his experience, choosing the best company is not easy. In several cases he has researched and visited as many as eight factories, looking for just a single product, and he will continue his search until he is comfortable that he has found the correct company with the best product for the price.​

Granite, Quartz & Marble

Residential Homes



Retail & Others


Installation is available in many areas with qualified installers. Verify with Northwest Stone Imports, LLC for installation in your area.